Zircono Co., Ltd. is Engineering and Construction Company. Zircono is located at Bangkok, THAILAND. We provide the widely scope of services for detailed design, material procurement management, project management as well as construction& construction management. Moreover, we also do the service as EPC, if any customer requires as single contract for project.

The major engineering works are piping mechanical, electrical, control and instrument, structure as well as process. We do business  by concern saving and friendly environment we have also announced as "GREEN INDUSTRIAL" Level 2 (Green Activity) from ministry of industrial of Thailand. In recently, we are under preparation for apply ISO9001:2015 in order to improve construction project control and quality of work to meet international standard and customer satisfaction.

We have service experience to customers in many countries whether USA, Europe and Asia. Our business in widely kinds of customers such as power plant, solar power plant, petrochemical plant, polymer plant, chemical, semi-conductor, consumer product as well as general factory.

Our example customers are PTT group, SCG group, Poyry Energy, Indorama group, Polyplex group, Torishima, Samsung Eng, etc.

Our vision aims to be value part of customer’s achievements within budgetary, schedule and quality.

In the motto “Value Added Engineering Partner”

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